About Us

Hi, I am Irina, and this is my watch strap brand.

The idea of this brand came because we just could not find quality watch straps in our shops here, in Romania. They were all too stiff. However, we had the fortune to find skilled artisans in our country and together with our knowledge about watches and straps, we managed to launch our own line of high-quality, handmade, small series straps. Thus, ensuring that every strap meets our highest demands.

I really think that any watch, from divers to pilots, is complemented by its strap and that is why we all need beautiful and comfortable straps for the watches we own.

Besides our classical products, we will launch innovative products that combine the old-fashioned way with new, high-tech materials. In fact, we already have a patent pending innovation, our elastomer lined leather straps. Maybe you will change your mind about wearing only rubber bands with your diver :o).

In the light of these things, I invite you to be a part of our journey as I am sure that you will enjoy our collections as much as we do.


Thank you for being here with us,


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